The course "Study English through Movies" is designed as part of General English course at Mathematics and Mechanics Department; it can be, though, used by students at other departments as well. The level of English required for the students to succeed is Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate. However, Pre-Intermediate students can also benefit from fulfilling the course.

The course aims at assisting students in improving their listening skills in English, enlarging their vocabulary and polishing their grammar along the way. 

One of the major skills developed  is the skill of recognising the stressed words and reductions in the speech stream. As is known, stressed words are carriers of important information in the sentence, whereas reductions, or contractions, are mostly auxiliaries and other grammar markers. 

There are three parts in the course: part 1 is created utilising TV series resources, part 2 -  feature movie resources, part 3 - a 2003 documentary "Americans in Siberia" .