The course is designed for the future specialists in medicine. For this purpose the standard course of Latin grammar is supplemented with a specialized vocabulary and a chrestomathy which contain a selection of Ancient medical texts, above all such an encyclopedic author as Galen (some of his treaties, preserved in Latin). In addition to Galen we will study a number of lesser authorities, the physicians and other scientists, who contributed to the development of ancient medicine.

Grammar classes (36 hours of working in class) shortly outline the basic structure of the Latin language, while for the reading seminars (36 hours of teaching) I have chosen a different approach:  each of nine seminars is dedicated to a specific author and/or topic, which is discussed both conceptually and in its historical prospective. Student’s work (total load 64 hours) will consists of (1) Individual reading of the assigned literature and (2) preparing of a final test according to the instructor’s recommendations.

The working language of the course is English.